What People Are Saying

"In the book, Harris recounts nine journeys to quite disparate parts of the world, from the High Arctic to Tasmania, carried out over the course of five decades. Yet, as different as the expeditions and challenges they present are, collectively, they reveal a common thread in terms of what motivates the explorer: a profound need to satisfy an insatiable curiosity and the need to experience places unknown firsthand. In short, Harris’s book defines the very nature of exploration." -- The Explorers Club Journal

"Interesting tales told with modesty, insight, humor and suspense. Colorful descriptions of the terrain and the folks he meets along the way. Heartwarming examples of the kindness of strangers. Inspiring and informative. Recommended." – P. B.

"Engaging, funny, insightful, imbued with endless optimism. I really appreciated J.R.’s respect for the different cultures that he encountered and his genuine interest and respect for indigenous people, their lifestyles and practices, and their history. Through of all of the dangers, triumphs, and near disasters, he maintained a sense of balance and humility about who he was and how he fit into the 'grand scheme'." -- R. S.

"As a young man Robert Harris sought adventure and discovery by searching for what was out there beyond the confines of his city home and the confines of his personality and comfort zone. This memoir of treks in Australia, Canada, Peru, Switzerland, and the USA demonstrates to the reader his mastery of the skills requisite for anyone wishing to experience such adventures." -- G. D.

"There is a saying that no matter where you go, you always pack your self first. Mr. Harris shows us that the self you bring home from time in wilderness solitude is a deeper, more intuitive, richer self than the one that began the journey. I highly recommend this book for young adults through Boomers, hikers or armchair travelers."

– R. K.

"I bought the Kindle edition. Written in a conversational style, this is an easy book to read. It's rare to find a good story-teller who doesn't embellish his story. The pure honesty of his writing comes through clearly." -- S. B. 

"Having just finished your book this is just a brief note to express my appreciation for your abilities as trekker and scribe. I truly enjoyed the “walk” and feel deeply inspired by your experiences with nature and people. I hope you will feel inspired to continue walking, to write more and to never give up your walking stick. Yours is a life well lived." -- D. G. 

“'Way Out There' is an impressively well written combination of memoir and travelogue. It presents the introspective and candid story of a restless soul that will have a very special appeal for armchair travelers and aspiring mountaineers everywhere." -- Midwest Book Review

"J. Robert Harris has been backpacking through the world’s most tantalizing places for fifty years. His funny, tragic, uplifting and down-to-earth stories will delight nature lovers and travel fiends alike." -- New England Independent Booksellers Assn. (NEIBA)

"J.R. Harris proves himself to be, not just a guy with a lot of guts, but someone who can tell the tales of his adventures in a compelling and humorous way. J.R. shares insights about people, places and things that most of us will never get to experience in a way that makes you feel as though you have. I'm both jealous of and amazed at his adventures. After each tale of travel to remote places, I was anxious for the next. For anyone who has wanderlust or who just wants to read some great tales, this is a must." -- J. S.

"A wonderful book! A quiet, introspective take on spectacular places. Explorers and adventurers will relate, but so will people like myself... people who live in the familiar, but with an interest in the exotic 'other'." -- V. H.

"I loved this book! JR's conversational writing style is well suited to this tale of adventures all over the world, and his sense of humor shines through. The level of detail made me feel like I was really there - although thank goodness I wasn't because he's had some spectacularly harrowing adventures." -- A.L. 

"This book is for everyone. It’ll make you laugh. It will put you on the edge of your seat. There’s no crying in ‘Way Out There,’ but it will teach you lessons for your career and your life." -- D. M.

"Fabulous...engaging, exciting, thoughtful, insightful, enjoyable - a great gift for anyone, all ages - not necessary to be into backpacking and the great outdoors...a great storyteller....I'm rereading some of the stories and have to add how much I appreciate the detail J.R. provides, the historical/sociological perspective he offers with each story, the mention of so many other interesting treks he's taken, and especially the introspection and personal learning that comes from each of his experiences in the wild." – K. A.

"Mr. Harris, I just finished Way Out There, and I was extremely disappointed to say the least - disappointed your book wasn't an additional 200 pages that is! Your life story is enthralling, amazing, and motivating." -- K. J.