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Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker is an account of my exploits while backpacking in some of the most rugged and remote places on earth. After more than a half century of wilderness travel, I have plenty of tales to tell. The stories in these nine chapters are at times informative, humorous, tragic, unusual, and uplifting. I am an audaciously inquisitive guy who revels in exploring not just the edges of the world, but also the edges of my comfort zone.

I am honored to have the Foreword written by an American hero, Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, Jr., Tuskegee Airman and former commander of the 100th Fighter Squadron of the 332nd Fighter Group, World War II. (See me being interviewed on his TV program, African American Legends.

The book is also endorsed by The Honorable David N. Dinkins, 106th Mayor of New York City. On the title page he says, "Out of humble beginnings, Harris launched himself on treks around the world in search of adventure and self-discovery....I applaud his bold explorations and the resulting wisdom shared in this collection."


Way Out There is published by Mountaineers Books. It can be ordered from the publisher or your favorite bookseller.

If you would like a signed copy, you can purchase the book directly from me via this website.

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